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»Data as signals
»Critiques inspired by the Marine Corps
»Breaking it down to smaller pieces
»Data-driven product manager
»2018: My favorites
»Biohacking, an example
»The skill of dealing with ambiguity
»Misleading Facts
»New song, new process
»Discipline isn't enough
»Blueprint for recording a song - part 5 - the finished song
»Plug the hole
»It remains Day 1
»Notice what you notice
»The imagination and empathy connection
»Nuances of a guitar pick
»My workspaces
»Adding noncognitive skills to school curriculum
»2017: My favorites
»Defend us from untruth
»The subway scenario
»What I ate for two weeks on a Ketogenic Diet
»Trend: Farm to School
»The role of art
»The problem with separating the week from weekend
»Next summer
»AI and Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics
»Futurist Amy Webb
»How to Build an App
»Lessons from Creative Director Kashiwa Sato
»Eight tech giants and their businesses
»A moment with my future self
»Advice and Systems
»2016: My favorites
»Macronutrients 101
»The wisdom of Tara Brach
»Martin Luther King: The Playboy Interview
»A soft touch
»The human voice
»You choose
»Listening to music to develop emotional intelligence
»When the cello drops at a Groupmuse
»A sense of wonder
»Set us up to use your product
»Blueprint for recording a song - part 4 - guitar recordings
»Panda, a modern day music business success story
»Frictionless creative experience
»Set it and forget it
»Why do it?
»Know how your product works
»What problem are you solving?
»The hard things
»Inbox by Gmail is the best email application
»Kickoff a new project with a workflow table
»The Age of Curation is here
»Is it psychological?
»The disruptive power of Facebook Messenger
»Music is about what you feel
»Inbox zero is not just inbox 0
»Troubleshoot any problem with two questions
»Here comes the future of TV
»Book highlights: "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield
»Quick to forgive
»How would you like to receive your refund?
»Teaching cognitive vs. non-cognitive skills
»Be present, be effective on a team
»Lessons learned from Reid Hoffman
»Build a prototype without writing a line of code
»Blueprint for recording a song - part 3 - lyrics and solo
»Fight Resistance with sleep
»Learning to code, learning to script
»Kit.com: A community to discover new products, grouped into kits
»Dream Theater presents "The Astonishing"
»Fundamentals over offense
»NYC: Almost a year later (and various cool links)
»Stepping back
»The Great Bridge
»To be better at something, study it
»2015: My favorites
»Idea versus Execution
»Lessons learned from "Readicide"
»Four reasons why I write
»The future of school is already here, it's called High Tech High
»Pocket: my favorite offline/read it later app
»The dark side of elite athletes
»Blueprint for recording a song - part 2 - guitar scratch track
»A minified list of your life
»Gratitude to those who think it through
»Discovering books that get you excited to read
»Resources for Product Managers
»The Anthony Davis Dilemma
»Currently reading: WSJ Inside an FBI Hostage Crisis
»Drawing inspiration from the unexpected
»Why Microsoft is back
»The BS criticisms against Kobe Bryant (and what you can learn from him)
»My favorite blogs - October 2015 edition
»My favorite podcasts - October 2015 edition
»Blueprint for recording a song - part 1 - gear and ideas
»Shuffle mode for things you want to remember
»Blueprint for recording a song - introduction
»Actions speak louder than words, an insight from Jocko Willink on the Tim Ferriss Show
»Value of a clean digital desktop
»Ideas to get started - Blue Bottle Coffee
»Marketing your book - takeaways from Brooklyn Book Festival
»The importance of being nice