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Four reasons why I write

The first reason I write is to create.

The creative aspect is why I started this blog. I've been working on creative projects for many years. A few months ago I reached a point where I wasn't "making stuff" outside of work. Music used to fill that void, but I no longer play or record as much as I used to. I've therefore turned to writing for my creative fulfillment.

I believe it's important to dedicate time every week to work on something creative. What you create doesn't need to be publicized. I spent several months writing private posts. At that time writing public posts was of no interest to me, but I still received creative fulfillment.

It's easy to fall prey to an endless work cycle. If all you create are work-related projects, you may feel that you aren't doing enough in life. That all you have to show is the work from your job. You'll desire an opportunity to create something where you, not your boss, define the requirements. You say when it's good enough. When it's done. You create it because you want it to exist. You'll reach a point where your job doesn't define you. And maybe your job becomes a little more fun because you know it's not the only thing you do. The job doesn't define you because you're creating stuff outside of work.

So that is the first reason I write, to create.

The second reason I write is to practice and get better. To write succinctly and clearly is an important life and professional skill. Most working professionals write everyday. Few do it well. Writing well takes time and effort. Many think they don't have time. Others don't recognize how to put in effort to improve.

If you would like to improve, start here: Scott Adams: The Day You Became a Better Writer (2nd Look)

Then check out these two books:

  1. Verlyn Klinkenborg: Several Short Sentences About Writing (I love, love, love this book).
  2. Stephen King: On Writing (I have not read it, but it's been recommended by several trustworthy sources).

So that is the second reason I write, to practice and get better.

The third reason I write is it helps me think through and share ideas. Through the process of typing words, building sentences, and connecting thoughts the idea is solidified. Writing it down forces me to go through variations of the idea. To pick a version and go with it. It helps expose a weak idea, or areas where it can be improved. Writing it down creates a record of the idea. I can come back many years later and revisit an idea.

Writing gives me an opportunity to share what I'm thinking. I do not have a lofty goal of reaching X number of readers by X date. The goal is to write and share ideas that intrigue me. Although some posts (like the last one about my high school) I'd like to reach a larger audience, posts like this one do not share such ambition.

To think through and share ideas is the third reason I write.

And finally the fourth reason I write is because it's fun.

At least when I finish a post.