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Gratitude to those who think it through

I was reading a New Yorker post about Jony Ive and Steve Jobs. In the post Laurene Powell Jobs commented that one of the reasons Jony and Steve got along so well was their shared appreciation for products that were simple to use and effective. They shared a:

feeling of gratitude that someone else actually thought this through in a way that makes your life easier.

I have this same feeling of gratitude when I hear a great song. The qualities of what make a great song differ, but having gone through the process of writing and recording a full-length album, I respect the process. I know how hard it is to create something from nothing. And therefore I appreciate when someone puts in the extra effort by adding a little bit of cowbell in the perfect spot when you least expect it.

You can't fully appreciate something until you try to do it yourself. Only then do you realize how much effort it takes and how much can go wrong. And each wrong can pull you further and further away from getting a product released. Before you jump to criticize, try and ship something, I guarantee your criticisms will not be as harsh after you've shipped.

This applies to any product whether in film, technology, writing, manufacturing, music, etc. If you have sweated the most minute details. Agonized over what mortals view as trivial. Lost sleep because your mind is racing with ideas. Had to fire teammates for the good of the product. Questioned your sanity because you had to get something just right because deep down inside you know it will appeal to users. If you've gone through any of these things, you probably have the same gratitude that Jony and Steve shared towards the creator of something that appealed to you.

While most people don't take the time, a subset do spend the extra minute (or maybe day, month, etc) agonizing over getting the product just right. Those of us that have been in this situation recognize the effort, and hopefully use it to not only appreciate other products, but inspire our own.