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How would you like to receive your refund?

While submitting a refund today I came across this screen:


Before beginning the return process I had decided that I wanted to get a refund on my card. And yet when I saw the above screen, the $5 bonus store credit caught my eye. It made me hesitate for a second. Did I really want the refund, or would the store credit option be a better deal?

Online retail has become a science. I figure this page has gone through multiple redesigns and A/B tests to find the optimal layout. Even though it feel optimized, I like that the user experience is not sacrificed. I have an easy path to selecting the refund option, even though this option is not the best "business wise" for the retailer. They don't make me jump through hoops and that gives me a pleasant experience.

I'm curious if they've experimented with different bonus dollar amounts for the store credit option. Are people 50-75% more likely to select that option if the store credit is $10 versus $5? Finding these optimal thresholds numbers is what propels many online retailers forward.

Lesson learned? What makes business sense, may not be the option users lean towards. So you need to find ways to entice users so the option they select is mutually beneficial to the user, and the business.