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Quick to forgive

Occasionally an acquaintance (or friend, colleague, family-member, etc.) may say or do something that irks you. If caught unexpectedly, you may fire back with an action you'll regret.

Or you may internalize your anger and envision an alternate reality where the actions of this person don't matter and you are carefree. But you trap the anger and hold on to it. And you may channel it the next time you interact with this person. The anger augments how you look at them. You question their motives, actions, and intentions.

This is not a mindset you want to keep.

You have to learn how to forgive quickly. Think about all the issues you deal with on a daily basis. Every person you interact with has just as many if not more issues. People are like pinballs, bouncing off each other and creating new issues for one another.

With all these issues floating around, you'll never have the context as to why your colleague just snapped at you. It's not because it's you. It may be because they just got off a stressful call. Or maybe they just got back from a meeting where they were called out for a particular failure. They are stressed, and you are in the crosshairs.

You'll never have enough context. Too many factors exist. Too many pinballs. If you recognize this, you'll understand that it's not personal. And you've  probably had  it happen to you since you can remember, so it will keep happening. You just need to take it and not dwell on it. Don't let it augment your perception of the person.

Be quick to forgive, and move on.

A more pleasant life and relationships will follow.