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Resources for Product Managers

I read an interesting post about Product Management today and it got me thinking. If someone is new to PM, or is considering this role as a career, where would they start? Which blog posts and books should they read? Who are the thought leaders they should follow on Twitter? The cool thing is the answers to these questions can benefit both a newbie and a seasoned vet looking for fresh inspiration.

You can search Google or Twitter for resources to get you started, but unfortunately the good content is not that easy to find. What if instead there was a curated list of resources you could reference as a starting point. A list that could be filtered down to meet your specific needs.

I've started such a list for Product Managers. It's a simple Google sheet. Note that this is a work in progress, I'll be adding more content to it in the coming days.

This may not be the best way to present this content, but it's clean and simple. What would be interesting is if such curated lists existed for any topic you can think of: stem-cells, NBA, electric guitar, theoretical physics, javascript, etc.

The key is curation. Sure Google can return millions of results that have the word "product manager" in them. But you'll have to invest a lot of time trying to distinguish the useful results from the bad ones. Whereas a list of curated links is ready and packaged for your enjoyment. If you trust the curator, you'll have the confidence that the list they've provided contains high quality content you'll benefit from.

This is my goal with the Product Manager Resources list I've created. It will be an organic sheet that I'll continue to add links to as I discover them. It would be neat to see others start these types of resources lists in their fields of expertise as well!