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The human voice

One major appeal of New York City is the variety of social gatherings that bring people together for a mutual interest. I've discovered such gatherings for tech, classical music, and most recently, meditation.

Today I attended my first Medi Club gathering. The monthly gathering included a group meditation session, discussion, and time to socialize with attendees. The experience was very positive and I'm looking forward to attending another gathering in the near future.

Todays meditation was led by Sara Auster. Sara is a sound practitioner specializing in improvised meditative concerts known as sound baths. During the meditation Sara had everyone breathe in, and produce an audible note during the exhale.

It's a unique experience to be in a room with 100 other people breathing out and producing an "om" at a varying range of frequencies. Given the variety of tones being produced it's amazing how all voices intertwined to produce a beautiful tone. Had all participants been given instruments and instructed to produce a note, the result would not have been sonically pleasing. Yet the human voice has a predisposition to fuse and harmonize. It's a tangible metaphor that given all our differences, when we unite we produce something much greater than what we could do alone.