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You choose

The last few days have been filled with news. LeBron James endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, Elon Musk outlined his vision to bring people to Mars, Russia rejected a cease-fire in Syria, and Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint. Browsing my Facebook feed I saw this post circulating in the trending public posts:

So, over the weekend, Kim Kardashian was bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint for nearly 11 million dollars. Lindsay Lohan lost her ring finger in a boating accident but found it and got it put back on. Russia scrapped the nuclear deal Clinton made with Russia in 2010 because we don't use MOX to breakdown the plutonium, which we've since learned is dangerous and extremely costly, and is accusing us of breaking the Syrian cease fire by supporting terrorism and terror in Russia. So, would anyone care to guess which of these will gain more coverage?

The statement is sarcastic and the question is rhetorical, but the attitude is snotty. The comments are predictable. Filled with affirmations and statements meant to elevate the poster and commenter about how they know what's really important in the world, and how media does not. The statement elicits images of mainstream media honing in on the celebrity news and limiting coverage of "real" news.

10-15 years ago I could see the validity of such  a statement. But today, if your personal feed is flooded by Kardashian  and Lohan stories the fault is your own.

If you aren't happy with how Media XYZ covers current events, don't read/watch their content. Today you are the ultimate curator. You choose who to follow, which newsletters to receive, and which blogs to read. There are plenty that are focusing on "real" news. You moderate your feed.

Certain media outlets will continue to focus more on certain stories than others. And to some people what's happening in the life of Kim Kardashian is more important than what's happening in Russia. It has more relevance to their life. Or it may be an escape from their life. Those people go to TMZ expecting to be kept up-to-date on that news. Don't fault TMZ for delivering a product to an audience that wants it.

So it no longer matters if in aggregate Kim's robbery gets more coverage than the happenings in Russia. If you're happy with how your curated list of news covers current events, who cares what the other outlets that you don't follow are doing. You have your feed, and I have mine. And if you aren't happy with how your feed covers the news, adjust it.

In today's world, you choose.